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ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT LINK: What to Expect After a Soul Listening Session - pdfsunset

 -Soul Listening  
- Soul Shamanism
- past life/history release & learning
- rebirth & birth trauma release & honoring
- dark night of the soul release of: entities, shadow, Jungian anger, archetypes,
attachments, curses, lineage, demons, house & office clearings
- ascension process & ascension pains
- soul integration
- soul retrieval, journeys, reclaiming lost fragments or shards.
- emotional cord cutting & relationship clearings
- ascension pains & vibrational upgrades
- Releasing of emotional, mental, physical trauma stored within the physical body
and mental/emotional body.

- Inner Child Healing/Reintegration as Adult
- An understanding of chronic physical ailments as a layering of trauma, with a
Spiritual/Emotional teaching at the core.

- Understanding that you are the creator of your life, and learn how to vision and make it so

In person:
Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Drink water before to help with the detox, bring a water bottle,
and plan to drink water afterwards.  As you come to the session, think of what you would like to
work with for your highest good.  The priority usually comes up to the top, right before hand. 
I will pendulum test your chakras, and go about the body finding blockages, and somatic/emotional
releases, traumas, gunk, entities, or attachments, lineage release, past life resolution, inner child
resolution, etc.  General house cleaning of your Cosmic Vehicle, your body.

Raising your vibrational frequency to fill where the old negative beliefs and vibrations were housed. 
Integrating the True You, with your Higher Self Blue Print of happiness, healthiness, and Holiness….  Wholeness.