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SOUL LISTENING, distance channeled reading/ automatic writing

Communing with the Soul to listen and address the deepest need of the clients.

What to Expect:
Using the full name and birthdate of the person or child, opening the Akashic records…
connecting to my Guides and channel automatic writing. 

Kate calls apon Guides and Wisdom Keepers that understand what issues the Soul is looking to
resolve and learn from.  As the session proceeds, the client's perspective changes and healing occurs
on a deep emotional/cellular memory.  Chakras are cleared of negative beliefs, karma is addressed,
lineage(family) issues and curses are resolved. The Soul's longings are answered, and listened to.
You are left with a sense of being witnessed and being deeply held in Unconditional Loving Kindness
by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.  Often we will do a Soul Retrieval to find the lost child
and/or the Soul Fragments and bring them back to love and harmony.  You come away with a wholeness
that is Innate within the Soul including happiness, clarity, lightness, and being loved.

Helping children, loved ones, birthdays, passing’s, all over the world!
Especially helpful for autistic, indigo, cystal children and teens, too.

Included: Follow up phone session.