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In the comfort of your own home, on the waves of the phone or Skype.
Listening, journeying and dissolving problems, Shamanically with Loving Wisdom.

I recommend recording on your iPhone with Voice Memo or iTalk App
so you can listen to your healing session and continue the healing process.

What to Expect:
Often, I suggest lying on your bed, water in hand, phone on speaker and off we go on a
magical mystery tour! Using Alchemy Breath, and telepathic empathic synchronicity
we begin our healing journey.

I will be calling in your highest level guides in prayer, creating a healing temple. I will also
be channeling asended masters and loving mothers, arch angels... listening to your soul.
Using sound light & color, crystal bowls, tingshy's, and language of light to release and unwind.

Often we go on a Regression, visiting you as a child and address core traumas. Or I ask my Guides
to go on a Soul Retrieval for your lost child's Soul Fragments... to reintegrate. Conversations are
processed and higher vibrations are grounded into your life. We will release past fears, illnesses,
and anxiety, making you a more fearless, integrated adult and empowering your True Self!