She is an embodied channel of Ishtar-Imbolic, working with Vwyramus, and the Galatic Council of Peace Studies. Along with Sananda, Master Lady Nada, Metatron, St Germain and Portia, Arch Angel Seraphine and Mother Sektmet, The Eloheim White Brotherhood, and White Buffalo Calf Woman among many others.

Soul Shamanism, Channel, Master Level Energy, Sound Healer,
Vibration & Sound, Spiritual Guidance, and Soul Listening.

Kate is an Artist, Channel, Shamanic Healer and Guide.

Working to resolve pain and erroneous concepts, alchemically on a cellular level.  Lovingly listening to the Soul, guiding core issues towards wholeness, healing and your True Self identified.

With 18 years of study and practice, and intuitive listening, you can rely on Kate to be an experienced, sensitive and powerful guide.

Kate facilitates higher healing energies that guide the client to their Divine Wisdom, assisting to unlock the blocks that hold them back from their True Self. Transforming erroneous beliefs into a new consciousness and empowered state of well being and wholeness.

She has Cherokee Lineage, is a Reverend from the Church of Gaibriel and comes from 3 generations of female artists. While in Peru, Kate was initiated experientially by the Divine Isis, and later experientially initiated by the Christos Logos. She feels blessed to be guided by Archangel Seraphine, High Priestess Sektmet, and Master Melchezidek.



She has a BFA in fine art from Tyler School of Art, Philadephia 20 years of studying in healing modalities
Graduate of IM School of Healing Arts
Ordained Minister/Rev. - Church of Gaibriel
Certified in Energy Psychologies
Certified with Sandra Ingraham Shamanic Journeying
Certified with Upledger Cranial Sacral
Several Energy Psychologies

Her studies include:
Bon Tibetan Shamanism
Shambhala Buddhism
Tsultrim Allione’s: Feeding the Demons
Shamanic Alliance
Sacred Travels to Peru: Andean Studies and sacred initiation journey’s
Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhagan)
Gong (taught by Harijiwan Khalsa Gong Master and Don Conreaux, Gong Master.)
Sri'ama Qala Phoenix - Self Mastery School of Creation
Keepership Retreat in Bali: Keeper of the Christ Gateways of Creation
Astar Command
Council: Galactic Council of Peace Studies



Make your special day exactly the way you want it
with Rev. Loye as your Ordained Minister.

She will help you write your sacred vows in a personal and spiritual meaningful way.



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